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Was the war of 1812 justified essay

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Explosion 1812 (War Of 1812 Documentary) . Timeline

How the outcome of the war of 1812 would change the fate of a continent In June 1812, the United States of America declared war

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Was the war of 1812 justified essay

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anthology essay plan This guide is war of 1812, written for students and land essay contest teachers who are preparing for GCSE exams in English and English literature. This guide gives a general introduction to the AQA Anthology , which is a set text for the AQA's GCSE syllabuses and to the poetry texts. On this page I use red type for war of justified emphasis. Brown type is used where italics would appear in print (in this screen font, italic looks like this , and is unkind on most readers). Headings have their own hierarchical logic, too: Main section headings look like this. Sub-section headings look like this. Minor headings within sub-sections look like this.

The English Anthology is a collection of compare poems and short prose fiction. These are set texts (texts you have to war of justified, study) for GCSE exams in essay on frida kahlo English and English Literature. If you are a student preparing for these exams, then #45; for some parts of each exam #45; you will write about was the war of 1812 essay, some of these texts. Dissertation? For other parts (such as written or spoken coursework) your teacher may use the Anthology or may choose other texts. There is more than one Anthology #45; as different exam boards have their own. This guide is aimed at the AQA Anthology for GCSE English/English literature (Specification A) from was the war of 1812 2004 onwards. Your teacher will help you prepare for your exams, but you may use other sources of help. Your Anthology is a very important book. Your teacher may ask you to keep it in school for at least part of the GCSE course.

You will use a clean copy of the Anthology for your exams, which will normally be in June or possibly May. (Most students take a two#45;year course and dissertation london are assessed at was the war of 1812 justified, the end of Year 11, but it is possible to take either exam in an earlier year. There is a special syllabus for older students; this usually takes one year to do.) For GCSE English (AQA Specification A), you need your Anthology for the first half of the second exam paper ( Section A: Reading ). For this you will answer one of the questions (in past exams there have been two to choose from) on on technology century, Poems from Different Cultures . You will normally write about poems in one or other of the 1812 two clusters #45; but you can mix poems from both clusters. The two clusters belong to essay on frida kahlo, a single coherent collection of texts. The only significance of the clusters is the requirement to was the 1812 essay, name a poem - there will be two questions and one will have a named poem from cluster 1 whilst the other names a poem from cluster 2. And candidates are free to choose a second poem from either cluster. Answering your chosen question should take you about essay on technology in 21st, half an hour.

If you go over was the war of justified essay, this time, you may have to rush the second half of the paper ( Section B: Writing ). This is not a good idea generally. However your teacher may advise you to spend a little more time in a given section if he or she knows that you can pick up extra marks at one point without too much risk of losing lots of marks elsewhere. Of course, if you finish the Writing section early, you can always go back to your work on Poems from Different Cultures in Section A: Reading. Below you will find guidance on land essay maine, how to use your answer booklet to leave space for this. For GCSE English Literature , use of the Anthology is was the 1812 justified essay, optional for the first part of the paper (you may use it but you don't have to) but compulsory for the second part. In the end#45;of#45;course exam (for which there is only one paper) you have to write on set texts. These are divided into two sections: post 1914 Prose (Section A) and pre#45; and about post#45;1914 Poetry (Section B) Section A #45; the essay prose texts in essay about describing your self the Anthology are mostly shorter than the other set texts.

If you find a lot of reading hard or can't cope with lots of essay books, studying the prose in the Anthology may be best for you. This section is worth 30#37; of the total marks for literature. Section B #45; there will be a choice of three questions and you will answer one of these. Each question names a particular poem. This could be a poem by one of the four named poets, or a pre#45;1914 poem. The essay question will always ask you to compare one poem by each of two authors (either Seamus Heaney and Gillian Clarke as one pair or Carol Ann Duffy and Simon Armitage as an london alternative pair), and two pre#45;1914 poems #45; one of 1812 essay these four poems must be the one that the compare and contrast examiners have named. The four poems will have a common theme or subject or some shared feature of war of justified approach, style or structure #45; for example, poems spoken by land, a character as monologues.

So pupils need to study a broad range of the poems including those by the pair of was the 1812 justified modern poets they have chosen to study. This section is worth 40#37; of the total marks for literature. You may find it hard to know which are the poems to write about #45; you will find examples and tables below that show this more clearly. You may be studying both of these or just English. And Contrast Essay? (English is a core subject of the National Curriculum. Pupils take GCSE exams in English in all parts of the UK outside Scotland.) When you are examined in English, the was the war of 1812 justified essay examiners are looking for particular skills. When you are examined in English literature, the skills required are rather different, but there is a lot of overlap. This should not frighten you. It may help you if you know what the examiners are looking for.

You will find guidance about this below. This means that you may use the Anthology in very different ways for each subject. English is generally considered more important than most other subjects. London Olympics? This is because it is (like maths and war of justified science) a core subject of the National Curriculum . If you wish to apply to university some time in the future, you will be required (normally) to have GCSE passes in both English and maths at grade C or above. For some courses, such as teacher training, the required grade may be higher. English literature is an optional subject. You don't have to take it by law, although it may be compulsory in your school. In many schools pupils will do this by studying English and English literature together. The AQA Anthology is clearly divided into three parts or sections, one (Section 1) for English and two (Sections 2 and 3) for English literature.

These are the three sections: This section contains Poems from london Different Cultures divided into two clusters: Edward Kamau Brathwaite: Limbo Tatamkhulu Afrika: Nothing's Changed Grace Nichols: Island Man Imtiaz Dharker: Blessing Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Two Scavengers in a Truck Nissim Ezekiel: Night of the Scorpion Chinua Achebe: Vultures Denise Levertov: What Were They Like? Sujata Bhatt: from was the war of Search For My Tongue Tom Leonard: from on frida Unrelated Incidents John Agard: Half-Caste Derek Walcott: Love After Love Imtiaz Dharker: This Room Niyi Osundare: Not My Business Moniza Alvi: Presents from my Aunts in was the 1812 essay Pakistan Grace Nichols: Hurricane Hits England. Section 2 #45; English literature - poetry. There are groups of eight poems by each of four poets (so 32 poems in essay contest all) whose work is from after 1914. (In fact, the first published work by justified essay, any of them appeared in 1966.) They are Seamus Heaney, Gillian Clarke, Carol Ann Duffy and Simon Armitage. These are the london poems: Storm on the Island Perch Blackberry-Picking Death of 1812 essay a Naturalist Digging Mid-Term Break Follower At a Potato Digging. Catrin Baby-sitting Mali A Difficult Birth, Easter 1998 The Field Mouse October On The Train Cold Knap Lake. Havisham Elvis's Twin Sister Anne Hathaway Salome Before You Were Mine We Remember Your Childhood Well Education for Leisure Stealing. from poem compare and contrast essay Book of Matches , #147;Mother, any distance greater than a single span#148; from Book of Matches , #147;My father thought it. #148; Homecoming November Kid from 1812 essay Book of dissertation olympics Matches , #147;Those bastards in their mansions#148; from Book of Matches , #147;I've made out a will; I'm leaving myself#148; Hitcher. War Of Justified Essay? There is also a collection (or #147;bank#148;) of poems from before 1914 #45; some that go back to the 16th century, and others from more recent times. Essay Kahlo Art? These are the 1812 essay poems: Ben Jonson: On my first Sonne William Butler Yeats: The Song of the Old Mother William Wordsworth: The Affliction of Margaret William Blake: The Little Boy Lost and The Little Boy Found Chidiock Tichborne: Tichborne's Elegy Thomas Hardy: The Man He Killed Walt Whitman: Patrolling Barnegat William Shakespeare: Sonnet 130 - #147;My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun#148; Robert Browning: My Last Duchess Robert Browning: The Laboratory Alfred Tennyson: Ulysses Oliver Goldsmith: The Village Schoolmaster Alfred Tennyson: The Eagle Gerard Manley Hopkins: Inversnaid John Clare: Sonnet - #147;I love to see the summer. #148; Section 3: English Literature - prose.

This section contains the short about complete text of seven short stories: Doris Lessing: Flight Sylvia Plath: Superman and was the war of 1812 justified essay Paula Brown's New Snowsuit Michele Roberts: Your Shoes Joyce Cary: Growing Up Ernest Hemingway: The End of essay Something Graham Swift: Chemistry Leslie Norris: Snowdrops. Below you will find detailed guidance on was the war of justified, how to answer questions about the poetry. You will also find information about other places where you can find help #45; whether in print, broadcast or online. Most teachers will ensure that you have lots of practice, so you get it right on compare, the day. At the moment you normally have to was the 1812 essay, take exams at the end of the course. For GCSE exams the maximum amount of marks for dissertation london olympics coursework is was the war of 1812 essay, 40#37; in English and 30#37; in English literature.

All the rest of the marks come from the terminal exam. For AQA Specification A there are two papers for English and one for English literature. If you want to know more about how the different parts of the maine exam are assessed, then ask your teacher, or visit the exam board's Web site at You should provide your own writing implement. Amazingly many students use pens that make it hard for them to write clearly and harder for examiners to read it.

Please make sure you have a good supply of suitable pens before the exam #45; keep one or more spares handy. Being easy to was the essay, read is more important than being neat. Exam boards do not penalize you (give less marks) for crossing stuff out #45; just put a line through it ( like this ), and keep writing. Do not use correction fluid. Don't write in red or green #45; examiners use these colours to mark your work. Contest Maine? Keep to blue , dark blue or black . War Of? Ballpoint pens are allowed, but don't use too fine a point or a faint colour (hard to read when the examiner marks your work late at night) or a pen that smudges ink on the examiner's hand. Rolling ball pens and essay on frida art gel pens are OK, too. So are traditional fountain pens (what you call ink#45;pens), if you can write at speed. Speed is more important than neatness. Was The? You may need to change your handwriting from the beautiful style you develop for essay on technology in 21st century coursework #45; a large, round open hand is best.

A fast writer can easily cover four to six pages of an answer booklet per hour. But don't write too much #45; especially in the Writing sections of the English exams. The exam board gives you an justified essay answer book. Sadly this is a book in poem and contrast essay which you write #45; not one with the answers already in. There are sections where you fill in 1812 essay details about essay on frida kahlo, yourself and the questions you have answered. Was The 1812 Justified Essay? Whoever is supervising the exam should tell you how to do this. The Centre Name is the name of essay your school, college, pupil referral unit or other place where you take the exam #45; it is not your own middle name. Most of the book is for you to write your answers in.

Expect to have a book of war of 1812 justified essay 8 or 12 pages. If you need more you can ask for another smaller book or individual sheets. If you use extra sheets or a second book, attach it with string or a tag #45; but don't do it too tightly . The examiner needs to be able to turn the pages. It's your book #45; don't try to art, save paper. War Of 1812 Essay? Start each answer on a new page #45; always leave room for more at essay in 21st, the end of an answer. If you finish your last question and want to go back to expand an earlier one, this is allowed. In the was the war of Writing section (for English), you may complete a task in such a way that you should not add to it.

But this won't be the kahlo case with the war of 1812 justified essay Reading section or with the whole English literature paper #45; here you may think of extra points to make about land contest maine, a text you have studied. Always write the question number (and letter if there are alternatives). Normally you will do this at the front of the answer book, and at the point where you begin your answer. War Of 1812 Justified? You don't have to write out the london question: the was the 1812 justified essay examiner knows what it is. This may comfort you but just consumes time. Of course, if you have nothing to say, you may have plenty of time to short, use up.

Write a plan. This should take a few minutes at the most #45; the plan should remind you of the things you want to write about. If you don't do all of them, the examiner can still give a mark for something on the plan. If you think of things to add to war of 1812 essay, it, you may do. You can show that this IS a plan, rather than the essay on technology real answer by ruling a diagonal line through it, or simply writing #147;PLAN#148; at the top, or even over the text. Use paragraphs and spaces to show the structure of was the your work (or create an essay about self impression of structure even if there is none). There is no set number of poems that you must prepare. The absolute minimum number you will have to write on will be two for any question in English (Poems from Different Cultures) and four for English literature (two post#45;1914 and two pre#45;1914 poems). If you prepare more poems you have more chance of including those that will help you answer the 1812 essay exam questions. For English , there are eight poems in olympics each cluster for Poems from Different Cultures.

You should prepare one cluster #45; there will be questions on both. Rather than do all eight superficially (and badly), it is better, perhaps, to was the war of justified essay, prepare some of them (five or six) very well #45; it is on frida kahlo, likely that at least one question will be fairly open and allow you to choose the 1812 justified poems about which you write. For English literature you will need to study most of the poems by one pair of modern poets and poem those in war of 1812 justified the Pre#45;1914 section. Your teacher, who will know your abilities, should advise you on a suitable range of texts to study. On the kahlo very first page of the Anthology is was the war of justified essay, a warning, which tells you what you may and may not do #45; read this and do as it says. This rule is changing.

For one year only ( 2004 ), students will be allowed to write key words in the margin, underline, highlight and add symbols. From 2005 , you will not be allowed to take any text into on frida kahlo art the exam in was the war of 1812 justified which notes have been made #45; you will have a clean copy to use in the exam. This will give you and your teacher some problems #45; while you are preparing, you will of describing self course want to make notes. The question is how to do this, so that you remember things, without having any notes to refer to in the exam. You need to #147;write#148; them in was the war of your head. Dissertation Olympics? Writing about poetry for GCSE English and English literature. Below you will find more detailed comment on particular texts.

This part of the guidance will help you write about poetry generally. War Of 1812? Poems do not write themselves: be aware of the poet . Don't write: #147;It says that. #148; Do write: #147;The poet writes/claims/argues/states that. #148; Refer to #147;the poet#148; or #147;the author#148; or identify him or her by short essay about, name (but check spelling of was the war of 1812 justified essay this). If the poem is essay in 21st, about a person, decide if this person is meant to be: the war of 1812 justified essay poet (literally or autobiographically), someone a bit like him or her, or someone wholly different. Avoid writing pronouns like #147;he#148; or #147;her#148; as these are confusing #45; the describing your examiner may not know whom you mean. Instead write #147;the man in the poem#148; or #147;the poet's friend#148; or whoever. You should also understand about grammatical person. War Of Essay? This refers to pronouns: First person: singular = I/me ; plural = we/us Second person: singular = you [and old fashioned or regional thou/thee ]; plural = you Third person: singular = he,/she,it/him,her ; plural = they/them.

A text may be written in the first person if the author writes #147;I#148; and #147;me#148;. In this case, decide if the #147;I#148; is really the london poet or some other person. If the words #147;I#148; or #147;me#148; are within speech marks, the whole poem may not be in the first person, just the was the war of justified essay speech which is quoted. A text may be written in on frida kahlo the second person. This may seem odd, but many poets do this when writing as if speaking to someone. Love poems and religious poems (and prayers) often speak to was the 1812 justified, the beloved (the one who gets the love) or to God in the words #147;you#148; or #147;thou#148;. Carol Ann Duffy's Before You Were Mine is partly written in the second person, but mostly has a first person view. Simon Armitage's Homecoming is on frida, mostly written in the second person. Was The Justified? A text may be written in essay the third person if the was the 1812 essay author refers to someone by a name or description or a third#45;person pronoun such as #147;she#148; or #147;them#148;. This is quite common. Sometimes, though it may seem odd, a writer will write about himself or herself in the third person #45; usually this has a distancing effect.

When you write about your chosen poems you are quite likely to find that the poet's use of first, second or third person is important in creating a particular effect. Thinking about this may also help you not to confuse the poet with the people he or she writes about. When you name the poet, you may use the full name, but this may be a lot to write (Carol Ann Duffy has two given names, as does Edward Kamau Brathwaite). It is quite acceptable (and saves you time) to use the surname only about your self, (in some cultures this is the first name). Do not use a given name (like Simon or Grace) on war of 1812, its own, unless you are a personal friend of the poet. Land Maine? This is unlikely but possible #45; someone has to live next door to Simon Armitage, and it isn't me. Was The War Of? Maybe it is you. (If it is , you might ask for some tips about his poems!) You may find these basic questions helpful: What is a poem?

Is it the same as verse? What is poetic language? Is it a special language, or everyday language used in special ways or something else? Is it the same in all times and cultures? How is a poem different from prose?

Is there always a clear difference? What is a poem for? Why might the poet write it? Do poets have different purposes? What is the nature of the poet's craft? Are there techniques that all poets need? How does this show in a particular poem? How does a poem work? How does the reader respond? How many times should we read a poem to appreciate it? What has poetry to do with other things in the reader's and writer's background, like culture, age, sex and essay kahlo art personality?

Does good poetry go out of was the date? You may have pretty good ideas of your own about these things, and maine have gone way beyond these questions. You will find some more advanced and sophisticated guidance below, on how to explore and reflect on poetry. Here are some ideas suggested by experienced examiners. Teachers should: teach poetry quickly let students make open responses - pupils should know the war of 1812 justified essay teacher is not looking for some particular predetermined #147;right#148; answer give frameworks or step-by-step procedures for exploring poems - especially for about self less confident or less able pupils break up big poems into manageable chunks - get pupils to look at words or phrases before studying the whole poem from which they come make posters to interpret the poems - take them down as students move on to other poems, but keep them and war of justified essay put them back during revision periods. Teachers sometimes get messages from students and occasionally parents, who want to essay on frida, know where they can buy a replacement for the Anthology . The short answer is that you can't do this, unless you contact the war of 1812 justified examining board directly. The book is not offered for sale to the general public, because of the on technology in 21st copyright restrictions on the many texts it contains #45; in UK and US law, material prepared for examinations is exempt from (not covered by) many parts of copyright.

You will find guides that contain the poems, but these are not allowed into exam rooms, for obvious reasons. In the first place, this means you should look after your Anthology #45; don't lose it and don't write notes all over it. (If you are a parent, think how to help your son or daughter to look after it.) But supposing that you have a disaster, and as the exam draws near, you don't have one, what do you do? Speak to your teacher or head of was the English (the person who is responsible for the subject) #45; or any English teacher at a school or college that enters students for the exam. Many teachers will keep used copies from previous years #45; of course, this won't be helpful in the first year of the new exam. Alternatively get photocopies of the pages you need to revise. For the exam itself, you should be given a clean Anthology to use. However, there are new procedures for both English and describing your self English literature exams. And any guidance may change as exam boards and teachers find problems and solutions.

The only way to be sure you have the latest information is to take advice from the teachers responsible for justified essay the course at the exam centre where you are registered (your school or college) #45; these will usually be the describing head of was the 1812 essay English and the examinations officer. About Describing Self? In the English exam you will probably be asked to write about two (or #147;at least two#148;) Poems from justified essay Different Cultures for any question you are set. You will have about half an hour in which to do this (you have 1? hours for the whole paper), so each poem (if you do two) has fifteen minutes, and if you do three, only ten #45; you must make this time count. Here is an example of a question: Example question for dissertation london English #45; Poems from Different Cultures. In the English literature exam you may be asked to write about four poems #45; one of was the 1812 which will be specified by name. You will choose the other poems, but you need to make sure they fit the task you have been set. Contest Maine? To make things even more complicated, you have to study poems by justified essay, Seamus Heaney and Gillian Clarke (that is, both of essay self them) or poems by Carol Ann Duffy and war of 1812 justified essay Simon Armitage . In your exam task, you will write about one poem by each of these two and two poems from the essay Pre#45;1914 section. Confused?

You ought to be #45; but an example may make this clearer. Was The 1812? Here is dissertation olympics, a question of the was the war of justified essay kind you might get in the exam. There will be three questions #45; but you do only on technology in 21st, one of them: Example question for English literature #45; Poetry. If you were answering this question you would have to choose one suitable poem by was the 1812 justified, Gillian Clarke and two from the pre#45;1914 poetry bank. Essay About New York? Good choices would be: Gillian Clarke: A Difficult Birth, Easter 1998, The Field Mouse or October . Pre#45;1914 poetry bank: two of Walt Whitman #45; Patrolling Barnegat , Alfred Tennyson #45; The Eagle ; Gerard Manley Hopkins #45; Inversnaid , John Clare #45; Sonnet: #147;I love to see . #148; For each poem, make sure that you comment on the particular features that the examiners ask for (such as the justified essay poet's attitude to love, or to time and change). Start by stating what the on technology in 21st poem is about both obviously or on the surface and at a deeper level: #147;This poem ( Stealing ) seems on the surface to be about a man who has stolen a snowman. Was The 1812 Essay? Carol Ann Duffy explores the difference between law#45;abiding ordinary people like herself (and her readers) and dissertation london olympics the anti#45;social criminal depicted in the poem. War Of Justified? #148; Make sure you refer to interesting or relevant points of detail #45; very general answers are unlikely to get a mark higher than that which corresponds to grade E. It is not enough to point things out and poem compare essay #147;translate#148; them #45; make sure you explain how they work. Where possible, make comparisons within and between poems.

For example, show how the justified end contrasts with what goes before it, or show how a similar theme receives different treatment in two poems. Do not waste time on about your self, pointing out the was the 1812 very obvious (such as that poems are different because one is spoken by essay, a woman who came to 1812 justified essay, England from Pakistan while the other is a funny version of a news broadcast in a Glaswegian accent #45; this would earn some marks, but would not be suitable for a Higher Tier or even strong Foundation Tier candidate). On the other hand, you could usefully compare these two poems (do you know which two they are? Click here to find out) by stating that they each explore ideas of on frida kahlo art nationality and was the 1812 justified identity. And you could contrast them by showing how one poet looks at ways in which people want to be more like the English while the essay describing other challenges the was the war of idea that Englishness is right or normal. Always end with a brief statement about whether you like each poem and essay on technology why. Often (but not always) the 1812 justified essay examiners will invite you to do this anyway. A clear personal response earns some marks for you. Quote briefly #45; use a single word or phrase #45; to support your comments. You may refer to a whole stanza or longer section but should not copy this out: there are no marks for copying the text in the Anthology . Show you are quoting by using inverted commas (speech marks or quotation marks #45; you may call them #147;quotes#148; or 66s and 99s).

If you quote a whole line or more (if you really must) you should start on a new line, and indent. Dissertation? Whenever you quote, always explain in your own words what the quotation means (unless it is really self#45;evident) and comment on its effect. Merely repeating the poet's words is war of 1812, no use, as you have not shown the examiner that you have understood. A good pattern or model to use (in this case based on Tatamkhulu Afrika's Nothing's Changed ) might be as follows: Make a statement: Tatamkhulu Afrika thinks that nothing has changed for the better in his country. Quote evidence: He describes the experience of pressing his nose to the glass of the #147;whites only inn#148;, knowing in dissertation olympics advance what he will see. And he contrasts the luxury of the linen tablecloth and the rose on the table with the working man's cafe where people take their food out, or eat off a plastic table top, and have nowhere even to wash their hands. Explain this evidence: The glass pane becomes a symbol of the was the justified way the black working people are still shut out from sharing in the wealth of South Africa. Comment on maine, its effect: The reader sympathises with, and maybe even shares, the writer's wish to #147;shiver down the was the 1812 justified essay glass#148; - that is, to bring about dissertation london, a real change.

As you study the was the war of justified essay poems, you will see how they have certain things in common #45; perhaps the same subject , or theme , or maybe something less obvious like their interesting use of language and land contest some features of form or structure . It is 1812, important to compare essay, see as many such connections as possible, so that you can choose suitable poems on which to write in an exam. Was The 1812 Essay? The examiners may ask you to essay about, write about poems with a quite specific link (such as poems about was the war of essay, parents and children) or something much more general (such as poems which show strong feelings). This guide lists some connections, but the number is potentially vast. You cannot guess in advance all the things the dissertation examiners might ask about. War Of 1812 Justified? Prepare a range of poems, then pick the essay about self question that lets you write on those you know best.

For English it is quite easy #45; if you prepare all eight (or even most of them) in either cluster, then you should be able to answer any question. Was The War Of 1812 Justified Essay? For English literature it is quite a lot harder, as you will have to find three poems that go well with the poem the examiners have named in the question. You can expect them to and contrast essay, set at was the justified, least one very open question, therefore, to give you a fair chance of responding. Short? What follows are a few ideas of was the justified essay possible linking themes, subjects or approaches. The examiners might use one of these to set a question. But even if they do, they are quite likely to use other words for it. Poem And Contrast Essay? You must read the questions closely, as the best one for you may not be obvious. Use these examples to start your own lists but add to them #45; with your teacher's help #45; throughout the war of justified essay GCSE course. New York? English - Poems from Different Cultures: Cluster 1. Discrimination and victims of violence: Limbo, Nothing's Changed, Vultures Rich and poor: Nothing's Changed, Blessing, Two Scavengers, Night of the Scorpion Animals: Night of the Scorpion, Vultures Different places: Island Man, Blessing, Night of the was the justified essay Scorpion, What Were They Like? English - Poems from essay Different Cultures: Cluster 2. Language: from Search for was the war of 1812 justified essay my Tongue , from Unrelated Incidents Personal identity: from Search for in 21st My Tongue , from Unrelated Incidents, Half-Caste, Love After Love, This Room, Not My Business, Presents from My Aunts in Pakistan Different places and cultures: from Search for was the war of justified My Tongue, Not My Business, Presents from My Aunts in Pakistan, Hurricane Hits England. English Literature - Seamus Heaney and Gillian Clarke.

Nature: Storm on olympics, the Island, Perch, Death of a Naturalist; A Difficult Birth, The Field Mouse Family and relationships: Digging, Mid-Term Break, Follower; Catrin, Mali, On the Train, Cold Knap Lake Past and present: Digging, Follower, At a Potato Digging; Catrin, Cold Knap Lake Growing up: Blackberry Picking, Death of a Naturalist, Digging, Follower; Catrin History and politics: At a Potato Digging; A Difficult Birth, The Field Mouse Death: Mid Term Break; October. English Literature - Carol Ann Duffy and Simon Armitage. Interesting characters: Havisham; Elvis's Twin Sister; Salome; Education for Leisure, Stealing; Kid , #147;Those bastards in 1812 their mansions#148; Violence and crime: Salome, Education for Leisure, Stealing ; #147;Those bastards in their mansions#148;, Hitcher Death: Salome, Education for Leisure; November Independence/growing up: Havisham, Salome, Before You Were Mine ; #147;Mother any distance greater than a single span#148;, #147;My father thought it bloody queer. #148;, Homecoming, Kid Love: Anne Hathaway; Homecoming Parents and children: Before You Were Mine, We Remember Your Childhood Well ; #147;Mother, any distance greater than a single span#148;, #147;My father thought it. #148;, Homecoming, November Monologues: Havisham, Elvis's Twin Sister, Anne Hathaway, Salome, Education for Leisure, Stealing; Kid , #147;Those bastards in their mansions#148;, Hitcher. English Literature - Pre-1914 poetry bank. Parents and children: On My First Sonne, The Song of the Old Mother, The Affliction of Margaret, The Little Boy Lost and The Little Boy Found Death: On My First Sonne , Tichborne's Elegy, The Man He Killed Love and relationships: The Affliction of Margaret , Shakespeare's Sonnet 130, My Last Duchess, The Laboratory Nature: Patrolling Barnegat, The Eagle, Inversnaid , Clare's Sonnet Monologues: The Song of the Old Mother, The Affliction of Margaret, The Man He Killed, My Last Duchess, The Laboratory Interesting characters: The Affliction of essay about new york Margaret, My Last Duchess, The Laboratory, Ulysses, The Village Schoolmaster. These should be enough to get you started. But as you study the poems you will discover many more links. War Of 1812 Justified? You can learn some of the more obvious ones (poems about parents and children or childhood, monologues) but you need to essay in 21st century, be ready to cope with any surprises in the real exam. The best way to do this is to was the war of justified essay, know the poems well, so that whatever the examiners' idea for linking them, you can find examples from the other poems you have studied.

Below you will find examples of tables for comparing the poems when you study them #45; these may help you organize your ideas as you prepare for exams. But they are only examples and on technology in 21st you should feel free to alter them #45; adapt and customize them. Tables to war of 1812, help you compare the poems. It can help, if you use a table and fill in and contrast your own comments or notes about the poems. War Of? Here are some examples: The first is a table for comparing poems in the English assessment. In 21st Century? The second is a table for war of 1812 essay comparing poems in the English literature assessment. The third is also a table for on technology comparing poems in 1812 essay the English literature assessment - but this one is on technology, filled in, as an example. 1812 Essay? Click on the links below to open the table as a document in its own new window. Land Essay? Alternatively, you can use a right mouse click and save the was the justified essay file to a local data drive for your own use.

The table is available as a rich text document (.rtf) or a Microsoft Word (.doc) file. Comparing poems for English literature. Click on about your, the links below to war of justified, open the table as a document in its own new window. Alternatively, you can use a right mouse click and save the essay file to a local data drive for was the your own use. The table is available as a rich text document (.rtf) or a Microsoft Word (.doc) file.

Example table for English literature. Click on the links below to open the table as a document in about your its own new window. Alternatively, you can use a right mouse click and save the file to a local data drive for your own use. War Of 1812? The table is about, available as a rich text document (.rtf) or a Microsoft Word (.doc) file. Learning about the texts in the Anthology. This section is aimed at teachers.

If you are a student, you may find this section boring and not very helpful #45; but if you want to know how teachers think, it may be useful after all. As a teacher, you will have your own ideas about the best ways to do this #45; but it may be almost impossible to find approaches that. help all pupils equally, are interesting and yet also make efficient use of the teacher's and war of justified students' time. Preparing for about exams can be a way to make students take things seriously and war of 1812 justified essay study texts closely #45; but no#45;one would recommend an exam as the best way to essay, make you have a lifelong passion for poetry. Your pupils may have noticed that most grown#45;ups do not take exams for pleasure. When adults read poems for enjoyment, they rarely ask to sit an exam paper to complete the experience. Below are some general suggestions for you. Was The 1812 Essay? These things may help students learn more efficiently and short essay about new york take a more positive attitude to what they do. Some classrooms are more equal than others. This may be a counsel of perfection #45; and things will happen that upset your plans. But as a teacher you can make an immediate difference by looking after the physical surroundings in which you teach #45; maybe displaying things that reinforce some of the war of 1812 ideas you want pupils to learn.

More importantly, you should try, as far as possible, to help students want to essay maine, learn. Let your students see that you have high expectations, but try to avoid stress and anxiety. Your head teacher and school managers should support you in this #45; if they want to see pupils become more positive, and improve the numbers achieving particular targets. In a school, many students will be influenced by essay, whatever they did in the previous lesson, registration time or lunch break. As a teacher, you may need to use some short mental and/or physical exercise to refresh them, wake them up or calm them down. You may need to help them with physical comfort #45; or insist that they have a cold drink and visit the compare and contrast toilet before the lesson. Try to connect the work for a given lesson or series of lessons with the was the justified essay wider aims of the subject.

Show how it relates to what they did previously or will do in the future. Explain, briefly, the learning outcomes and essay in 21st the questions they will be able to war of 1812 justified essay, answer when they have done the work. About? Give them a series of keywords. Give a short outline of the was the justified lesson content. Land Essay Contest Maine? In the essay case of poetry this may be about themes and ideas , and dissertation london about how the war of justified poems may touch on essay about new york, the readers' personal experience. As teachers, we may be tempted to was the war of essay, give too much detail at this point #45; so this is one thing we may need to land essay maine, practise, or where we should keep to a script. At this point teachers should be quite explicit about what we expect students to achieve #45; allowing for was the 1812 essay the most and on technology in 21st century least able. It is also important to break the content down into war of essay manageable chunks #45; this may be as simple as putting a list of bullet points on a whiteboard, worksheet or electronic document. When we are studying poetry we are dealing with words #45; if the poem is any good, then this should make our job all the describing your easier.

Unless the poem is very literal and the students very perceptive, then we can expect that they will not get much from hearing and war of justified essay reading for the first time. There is no single right way of presenting all poems #45; and a lot depends on the teacher's ability to present a live reading. Even if you are a talented oral performer, you may wish to vary the listeners' experiences #45; for example, by: asking another teacher or suitable adult to read a poem (useful if you need a regional accent that your colleague has and you cannot produce authentically; helpful if you want someone of a different age or class; essential if you think the poem needs a reader of another sex) playing audio or video tapes in which an actor or the original poet reads the poem giving talented students (individually, in pairs, in groups) time to prepare a reading for dissertation olympics the class #45; they may use props, costume, music and sound FX to do this. Was The War Of Justified? This need not be high#45;tech #45; they could use a simple percussion instrument (like a fist on a desktop) to reinforce rhythm. They may get help from teachers of drama, dance, art and music. You could record these performances and use them for short essay about new york revision or with other groups.

Given the number of times you will expect students to look at some texts, you may want to was the war of essay, do all of these things on on frida kahlo, different occasions. Try to was the war of essay, make sure that students who are listening or reading do so actively. How? Ask them beforehand to think about one or more questions or ideas that the text suggests. Tell them that, when the reading ends, they will have one minute in which to essay about, write down five words to was the war of justified essay, summarize it. Give them, that is, a reason to listen and short read attentively . Give them time to look at the text more reflectively #45; perhaps by trying to answer a specific question (for example, Does the poet like the war of 1812 justified essay character she presents in and contrast essay this poem?) Given that everyone studies English, then many of the war of 1812 essay learners will have preferred learning styles that differ from the teacher's #45; and we should let them use these wherever this helps.

Don't make your students always do it your way. Give them opportunities, for example, to in 21st century, draw diagrams, illustrations, symbols and other visual representations of the was the war of 1812 justified poem or a part of it (if you do this on a big scale, or use information technology to display or print, then these may become useful for review and recall later). to prepare short talks, jingles, adverts, raps or chants based on essay new york, the text to learn through physical movement #45; this may simply be gesture to accompany speech, a mime or tableau or any kind of repeated action that refreshes the student and was the war of justified triggers a memory to make their own mnemonics and explore other ways of learning. Try to describing, develop activities (other than #147;write an was the 1812 justified essay to answer this practice exam question. #148;) that help students focus on the content #45; with poems this might be to new york, transform the original into a different kind of was the war of 1812 essay text (a news report, a short animated film, a scene from a TV play) or to century, challenge them to produce their own study aids and war of essay revision guides in a range of media. In an in 21st century exam, students will be using primarily verbal intelligence, though their ideas of the poems may also come from 1812 other kinds of intelligence. But in learning before an exam, the student is essay on frida kahlo, not limited in this way. In designing activities, you should allow for all learning styles #45; and allow students to favour those that work best for was the 1812 essay them . Sometimes you will want students to on frida kahlo art, work alone (in which case you may need to be very firm in preventing distractions).

At other times, you will want students to was the justified, work collaboratively #45; in pairs, small groups or even larger groupings. You may need to devise these groups, rather than leave it to students' own preferences. Try to land, avoid strategies that consistently favour one sex #45; some boys may find working in pairs much less natural and comfortable than female students seem to do . Exploit the groupings intelligently #45; for war of example, give each individual or group one or more texts or authors on which to be experts (and use this later in essay century hot#45;seating activities). One can overdo introspection #45; and the students' perceptions of war of justified essay their own progress will eventually be challenged by poem and contrast essay, the examiners' judgement #45; but some time for reflection on what the students have learned can be useful. It can be especially helpful, if the teacher is open about the learning styles he or she uses, and war of 1812 invites the essay art students to help him or her to fine#45;tune these. This cannot work unless the teachers and was the war of students have a healthy relationship and common goals.

This does not mean photocopying the brilliant essay of your most able pupil #45; he or she won't thank you for being labelled a swot (and may even go in for some spoiling tactics). London? And, anyway, writing like the most able is war of justified, clearly not an option for all students. Essay Your? It does mean that the teacher provides simple examples or models that show understanding, and ask students to was the, do the same #45; bulleted lists, spidergrams, posters, booklets, short talks and so on. Most of these things allow the teacher (and other students) to give immediate responses #45; sharing and olympics building on what others have done. A few learners have naturally retentive memories #45; most do not, but can learn anything by repetition (as the writers of advertising slogans know). Was The War Of 1812 Essay? In studying texts in the Anthology , you should not expect students to learn large chunks of text by rote #45; but they do need to be able to essay in 21st century, find things quickly.

You should not make them learn detailed points of interpretation in a given sequence (examiners will see this as the prepared essay, and award low marks). But you should, perhaps, expect them to learn short lists of themes and images #45; so long as they still try to answer the was the 1812 justified question the examiners have set them . Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning. Here are a few ideas for using these different learning styles. Use posters around the classroom #45; with short texts and images. Show keywords. Use memory maps, flowcharts and storyboards. Use videotapes, overhead projector transparencies or a computer and data projector. Give spoken presentations (but time them and structure them). On Technology In 21st Century? Discuss in groups of various sizes. Make individual presentations. Play (appropriate) music for some periods #45; in the case of poetry you would choose a wide range of musical styles and essay genres.

Make raps, rhymes, chants and dramatic readings. Make physical (3D) models #45; could this help students learn about literature? Go on short essay new york, visits and study trips. 1812 Justified? Design mimes and in 21st tableaux. Avoid negative effects #45; as a teacher you can decide how much of any lesson students will spend sitting in the same place.

You can allow some exercise and 1812 movement #45; or lots of essay about self it. If you have the same kind of chair as the students, you may have a realistic sense of how much they can take. It is war of 1812 justified, possible to do two or all of these at once #45; as would happen, if students were to perform a dramatic interpretation of a poem, with music, lighting and sound FX. In a well#45;planned lesson it is very easy to poem compare and contrast essay, use all three at some point. War Of 1812 Justified Essay? They are especially useful for the kind of shallow learning #45; say, recalling a slogan #45; that advertisers favour. In the case of contest maine poetry and stories, however, teachers may want, some of the time, to encourage rather deeper reflection on timeless truths and more serious questions. Can I print this guide and photocopy it? This guide is free for individual users - for example, teachers or students working from home - in any part of the world. You can print out the guide, but it is not ideal for printing and photocopying, and may run to many more pages than you expect. If you are working in a school or college, you may purchase a high-quality printed version optimized for multiple photocopying.

The cost of the printed version includes permission for unlimited reproduction within your institution - if you expect to make multiple copies, this will probably save on your bulk photocopying and printing costs. 1812 Justified? To obtain the printed guide, contact: ZigZag Education and Computing Centre Publications Greenway Business Centre Doncaster Road Bristol BS10 5PY Tel: +44 (0)117 950 3199. Click on the link to about new york, go to the ZigZag Education Web site: Please acknowledge my authorship by giving the URL of any pages you use, and/or include the copyright symbol. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Thank you.

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Reinventing Performance Management. Like many other companies, Deloitte realized that its system for evaluating the work of employees—and then training them, promoting them, and 1812 essay paying them accordingly—was increasingly out of land essay, step with its objectives. It searched for something nimbler, real-time, and more individualized—something squarely focused on fueling performance in the future rather than assessing it in the past. The new system will have no cascading objectives, no once-a-year reviews, and no 360-degree-feedback tools. Its hallmarks are speed, agility, one-size-fits-one, and constant learning, all underpinned by a new way of collecting reliable performance data. To arrive at this design, Deloitte drew on three pieces of evidence: a simple counting of hours, a review of was the war of justified, research in the science of ratings, and a carefully controlled study of its own organization.

It discovered that the organization was spending close to 2 million hours a year on performance management, and that “idiosyncratic rater effects” led to ratings that revealed more about essay, team leaders than about the people they were rating. Was The War Of Justified Essay? From an empirical study of its own high-performing teams, the company learned that three items correlated best with high performance for a team: “My coworkers are committed to doing quality work,” “The mission of our company inspires me,” and “I have the chance to use my strengths every day.” Of these, the third was the most powerful across the organization. With all this evidence in hand, the company set about essay on technology in 21st, designing a radical new performance management system, which the authors describe in this article. HBR Reprint R1504B. Not just employees but their managers and even HR departments are by now questioning the conventional wisdom of performance management, including its common reliance on was the war of 1812 essay cascading objectives, backward-looking assessments, once-a-year rankings and reviews, and 360-degree-feedback tools. Some companies have ditched the rankings and even annual reviews, but they haven’t found better solutions.

Deloitte resolved to design a system that would fairly recognize varying performance, have a clear view into london, performance anytime, and boost performance in the future. Deloitte’s new approach separates compensation decisions from was the essay, day-to-day performance management, produces better insight through quarterly or per-project “performance snapshots,” and short essay about new york relies on weekly check-ins with managers to keep performance on course. At Deloitte we’re redesigning our performance management system. This may not surprise you. Like many other companies, we realize that our current process for evaluating the work of our people—and then training them, promoting them, and was the essay paying them accordingly—is increasingly out of step with our objectives. In a public survey Deloitte conducted recently, more than half the executives questioned (58%) believe that their current performance management approach drives neither employee engagement nor high performance. They, and we, are in need of something nimbler, real-time, and dissertation london olympics more individualized—something squarely focused on fueling performance in the future rather than assessing it in the past. Leadership Development in the Age of the Algorithm. What might surprise you, however, is what we’ll include in Deloitte’s new system and was the 1812 what we won’t. London? It will have no cascading objectives, no once-a-year reviews, and no 360-degree-feedback tools. We’ve arrived at a very different and much simpler design for managing people’s performance.

Its hallmarks are speed, agility, one-size-fits-one, and constant learning, and it’s underpinned by a new way of was the 1812 justified essay, collecting reliable performance data. This system will make much more sense for our talent-dependent business. But we might never have arrived at its design without drawing on three pieces of evidence: a simple counting of hours, a review of research in the science of ratings, and a carefully controlled study of our own organization. More than likely, the short about new york performance management system Deloitte has been using has some characteristics in common with yours. Objectives are set for each of war of justified, our 65,000-plus people at the beginning of the short essay year; after a project is finished, each person’s manager rates him or her on how well those objectives were met. Was The 1812? The manager also comments on essay century where the person did or didn’t excel.

These evaluations are factored into a single year-end rating, arrived at in lengthy “consensus meetings” at which groups of “counselors” discuss hundreds of war of justified essay, people in essay maine light of their peers. Internal feedback demonstrates that our people like the was the justified essay predictability of this process and about new york the fact that because each person is assigned a counselor, he or she has a representative at the consensus meetings. The vast majority of our people believe the process is fair. We realize, however, that it’s no longer the best design for Deloitte’s emerging needs: Once-a-year goals are too “batched” for a real-time world, and conversations about year-end ratings are generally less valuable than conversations conducted in was the war of 1812 the moment about actual performance. But the need for change didn’t crystallize until we decided to count things. Specifically, we tallied the number of short essay about, hours the organization was spending on performance management—and found that completing the forms, holding the meetings, and war of essay creating the ratings consumed close to 2 million hours a year. As we studied how those hours were spent, we realized that many of them were eaten up by leaders’ discussions behind closed doors about the outcomes of the process. Essay On Frida Kahlo Art? We wondered if we could somehow shift our investment of time from talking to was the war of 1812 essay ourselves about ratings to talking to about our people about their performance and 1812 essay careers—from a focus on the past to a focus on the future. We found that creating the ratings consumed close to 2 million hours a year. Our next discovery was that assessing someone’s skills produces inconsistent data.

Objective as I may try to be in evaluating you on, say, strategic thinking, it turns out that how much strategic thinking I do, or how valuable I think strategic thinking is, or how tough a rater I am significantly affects my assessment of your strategic thinking. How significantly? The most comprehensive research on what ratings actually measure was conducted by Michael Mount, Steven Scullen, and Maynard Goff and published in the Journal of Applied Psychology in poem compare and contrast 2000. Their study—in which 4,492 managers were rated on certain performance dimensions by two bosses, two peers, and two subordinates—revealed that 62% of the variance in the ratings could be accounted for by individual raters’ peculiarities of perception. Actual performance accounted for only 21% of the variance.

This led the researchers to conclude (in How People Evaluate Others in was the 1812 essay Organizations, edited by Manuel London): “Although it is implicitly assumed that the ratings measure the performance of the ratee, most of land essay, what is being measured by the ratings is the was the 1812 justified essay unique rating tendencies of the rater. London Olympics? Thus ratings reveal more about the rater than they do about the ratee.” This gave us pause. We wanted to understand performance at the individual level, and we knew that the person in the best position to judge it was the immediate team leader. But how could we capture a team leader’s view of performance without running afoul of what the researchers termed “idiosyncratic rater effects”? Putting Ourselves Under the Microscope.

We also learned that the defining characteristic of the very best teams at Deloitte is that they are strengths oriented. War Of 1812 Essay? Their members feel that they are called upon to do their best work every day. This discovery was not based on poem intuitive judgment or gleaned from anecdotes and hearsay; rather, it was derived from an was the war of, empirical study of our own high-performing teams. Our study built on previous research. Starting in the late 1990s, Gallup conducted a multiyear examination of high-performing teams that eventually involved more than 1.4 million employees, 50,000 teams, and 192 organizations.

Gallup asked both high- and lower-performing teams questions on new york numerous subjects, from was the war of justified essay, mission and london olympics purpose to was the pay and career opportunities, and isolated the questions on which the poem essay high-performing teams strongly agreed and the rest did not. It found at the beginning of the was the 1812 study that almost all the variation between high- and lower-performing teams was explained by a very small group of items. The most powerful one proved to be “At work, I have the poem and contrast essay opportunity to do what I do best every day.” Business units whose employees chose “strongly agree” for this item were 44% more likely to earn high customer satisfaction scores, 50% more likely to have low employee turnover, and 38% more likely to be productive. You Get What You Expect From Performance Assessment. We set out to see whether those results held at Deloitte. First we identified 60 high-performing teams, which involved 1,287 employees and represented all parts of the was the justified essay organization. For the control group, we chose a representative sample of 1,954 employees.

To measure the on technology in 21st conditions within a team, we employed a six-item survey. When the results were in and tallied, three items correlated best with high performance for a team: “My coworkers are committed to doing quality work,” “The mission of our company inspires me,” and “I have the chance to use my strengths every day.” Of these, the war of essay third was the most powerful across the organization. All this evidence helped bring into focus the problem we were trying to solve with our new design. We wanted to essay spend more time helping our people use their strengths—in teams characterized by great clarity of purpose and expectations—and we wanted a quick way to collect reliable and was the war of justified essay differentiated performance data. With this in mind, we set to work. We began by compare essay, stating as clearly as we could what performance management is actually for, at was the 1812 essay, least as far as Deloitte is concerned. We articulated three objectives for dissertation london our new system. The first was clear: It would allow us to recognize performance, particularly through variable compensation.

Most current systems do this. But to recognize each person’s performance, we had to be able to see it clearly. That became our second objective. Here we faced two issues—the idiosyncratic rater effect and the need to 1812 justified essay streamline our traditional process of describing, evaluation, project rating, consensus meeting, and final rating. The solution to the former requires a subtle shift in our approach. Rather than asking more people for their opinion of a team member (in a 360-degree or an upward-feedback survey, for example), we found that we will need to justified essay ask only the immediate team leader—but, critically, to ask a different kind of question. People may rate other people’s skills inconsistently, but they are highly consistent when rating their own feelings and and contrast essay intentions.

To see performance at the individual level, then, we will ask team leaders not about the skills of each team member but about their own future actions with respect to that person. At the end of every project (or once every quarter for long-term projects) we will ask team leaders to respond to four future-focused statements about each team member. We’ve refined the wording of these statements through successive tests, and we know that at Deloitte they clearly highlight differences among individuals and reliably measure performance. Here are the four: 1. Given what I know of this person’s performance, and 1812 justified essay if it were my money, I would award this person the highest possible compensation increase and short essay new york bonus [ measures overall performance and unique value to the organization on a five-point scale from “strongly agree” to was the 1812 essay “strongly disagree” ]. 2. Given what I know of this person’s performance, I would always want him or her on my team [ measures ability to work well with others on the same five-point scale ]. 3. This person is at risk for low performance [ identifies problems that might harm the customer or the art team on a yes-or-no basis ]. 4. This person is ready for promotion today [ measures potential on a yes-or-no basis ]. In effect, we are asking our team leaders what they would do with each team member rather than what they think of war of 1812 justified, that individual. When we aggregate these data points over a year, weighting each according to the duration of a given project, we produce a rich stream of information for leaders’ discussions of what they, in turn, will do—whether it’s a question of succession planning, development paths, or performance-pattern analysis.

Once a quarter the organization’s leaders can use the essay maine new data to review a targeted subset of employees (those eligible for promotion, for 1812 essay example, or those with critical skills) and can debate what actions Deloitte might take to better develop that particular group. In this aggregation of simple but powerful data points, we see the possibility of shifting our 2-million-hour annual investment from on frida kahlo art, talking about the ratings to talking about was the 1812 justified essay, our people—from ascertaining the facts of performance to considering what we should do in response to those facts. We ask leaders what they’d do with their team members, not what they think of them. In addition to london olympics this consistent—and countable—data, when it comes to compensation, we want to factor in some uncountable things, such as the difficulty of project assignments in a given year and contributions to the organization other than formal projects. So the 1812 essay data will serve as the essay your self starting point for was the war of 1812 justified compensation, not the ending point. The final determination will be reached either by a leader who knows each individual personally or by a group of leaders looking at an entire segment of describing your, our practice and at many data points in parallel. We could call this new evaluation a rating, but it bears no resemblance, in generation or in was the 1812 justified essay use, to the ratings of the past. Because it allows us to quickly capture performance at a single moment in time, we call it a performance snapshot. Two objectives for our new system, then, were clear: We wanted to recognize performance, and we had to be able to see it clearly.

But all our research, all our conversations with leaders on the topic of performance management, and all the feedback from our people left us convinced that something was missing. Essay In 21st Century? Is performance management at justified essay, root more about “management” or about “performance”? Put differently, although it may be great to be able to measure and reward the performance you have, wouldn’t it be better still to be able to land essay improve it? Our third objective therefore became to fuel performance. And if the performance snapshot was an organizational tool for measuring it, we needed a tool that team leaders could use to strengthen it. How Deloitte Built a Radically Simple Performance Measure. One of the justified most important tools in our redesigned performance management system is the “performance snapshot.” It lets us see performance quickly and reliably across the organization, freeing us to spend more time engaging with our people. Here’s how we created it.

We looked for measures that met three criteria. Essay On Frida? To neutralize the idiosyncratic rater effect, we wanted raters to rate their own actions, rather than the qualities or behaviors of the ratee. To generate the necessary range, the questions had to be phrased in the extreme. Was The War Of? And to avoid confusion, each one had to and contrast contain a single, easily understood concept. We chose one about essay, pay, one about teamwork, one about poor performance, and one about promotion. Those categories may or may not be right for essay on technology other organizations, but they work for us.

We were looking for someone with vivid experience of the individual’s performance and war of 1812 justified essay whose subjective judgment we felt was important. We agreed that team leaders are closest to essay the performance of ratees and, by was the 1812 justified, virtue of their roles, must exercise subjective judgment. We could have included functional managers, or even ratees’ peers, but we wanted to start with clarity and simplicity. We then tested that our questions would produce useful data. Validity testing focuses on their difficulty (as revealed by mean responses) and the range of responses (as revealed by standard deviations). We knew that if they consistently yielded a tight cluster of and contrast essay, “strongly agree” responses, we wouldn’t get the differentiation we were looking for. War Of 1812 Essay? Construct validity and criterion-related validity are also important. (That is, the questions should collectively test an underlying theory and make it possible to find correlations with outcomes measured in other ways, such as engagement surveys.) At Deloitte we live and work in kahlo a project structure, so it makes sense for us to essay produce a performance snapshot at the end of dissertation, each project. For longer-term projects we’ve decided that quarterly is the best frequency.

Our goal is to strike the right balance between tying the evaluation as tightly as possible to war of 1812 essay the experience of the performance and about your self not overburdening our team leaders, lest survey fatigue yield poor data. We’re experimenting with this now. We want our snapshots to reveal the real-time “truth” of war of 1812 essay, what our team leaders think, yet our experience tells us that if they know that team members will see every data point, they may be tempted to london sugarcoat the results to avoid difficult conversations. We know that we’ll aggregate an individual’s snapshot scores into an annual composite. But what, exactly, should we share at essay, year’s end? We want to err on essay your self the side of sharing more, not less—to aggregate snapshot scores not only for client work but also for internal projects, along with performance metrics such as hours and was the 1812 justified sales, in the context of essay on technology in 21st century, a group of war of 1812, peers—so that we can give our people the richest possible view of where they stand. Short About New York? Time will tell how close to that ideal we can get.

Research into the practices of the best team leaders reveals that they conduct regular check-ins with each team member about near-term work. These brief conversations allow leaders to set expectations for the upcoming week, review priorities, comment on war of 1812 justified essay recent work, and provide course correction, coaching, or important new information. The conversations provide clarity regarding what is expected of each team member and why, what great work looks like, and how each can do his or her best work in the upcoming days—in other words, exactly the trinity of purpose, expectations, and strengths that characterizes our best teams. Our design calls for every team leader to check in essay on technology in 21st with each team member once a week. For us, these check-ins are not in addition to the work of a team leader; they are the work of a team leader. If a leader checks in less often than once a week, the team member’s priorities may become vague and aspirational, and the leader can’t be as helpful—and the conversation will shift from coaching for near-term work to war of 1812 justified essay giving feedback about past performance.

In other words, the london content of war of justified, these conversations will be a direct outcome of essay on technology in 21st century, their frequency: If you want people to talk about how to do their best work in the near future, they need to war of 1812 justified talk often. And so far we have found in our testing a direct and measurable correlation between the frequency of these conversations and the engagement of team members. Very frequent check-ins (we might say radically frequent check-ins) are a team leader’s killer app. That said, team leaders have many demands on land contest maine their time. We’ve learned that the was the 1812 best way to ensure frequency is to have check-ins be initiated by poem essay, the team member—who more often than not is eager for the guidance and attention they provide—rather than by the team leader. To support both people in 1812 essay these conversations, our system will allow individual members to understand and essay kahlo art explore their strengths using a self-assessment tool and then to present those strengths to their teammates, their team leader, and the rest of the organization. Our reasoning is twofold. First, as we’ve seen, people’s strengths generate their highest performance today and the greatest improvement in was the war of their performance tomorrow, and so deserve to be a central focus. Second, if we want to on technology century see frequent (weekly!) use of our system, we have to was the war of justified essay think of it as a consumer technology—that is, designed to be simple, quick, and above all engaging to use. Many of the successful consumer technologies of the past several years (particularly social media) are sharing technologies, which suggests that most of us are consistently interested in essay ourselves—our own insights, achievements, and impact. Was The War Of 1812 Essay? So we want this new system to provide a place for people to explore and share what is best about themselves.

This is poem compare essay where we are today: We’ve defined three objectives at the root of performance management—to recognize, see, and war of essay fuel performance. We have three interlocking rituals to support them—the annual compensation decision, the quarterly or per-project performance snapshot, and the weekly check-in. And we’ve shifted from a batched focus on the past to a continual focus on the future, through regular evaluations and frequent check-ins. As we’ve tested each element of this design with ever-larger groups across Deloitte, we’ve seen that the essay in 21st change can be an evolution over time: Different business units can introduce a strengths orientation first, then more-frequent conversations, then new ways of was the essay, measuring, and finally new software for monitoring performance. (See the exhibit “Performance Intelligence.”) But one issue has surfaced again and and contrast essay again during this work, and was the 1812 justified that’s the about describing your issue of was the justified, transparency.

When an organization knows something about essay maine, us, and that knowledge is captured in a number, we often feel entitled to know it—to know where we stand. We suspect that this issue will need its own radical answer. It’s not the number we assign to a person; it’s the fact that there’s a single number. In the first version of was the justified, our design, we kept the results of performance snapshots from the team member. We did this because we knew from the past that when an poem essay, evaluation is to be shared, the was the essay responses skew high—that is, they are sugarcoated. Because we wanted to capture unfiltered assessments, we made the responses private.

We worried that otherwise we might end up destroying the very truth we sought to reveal. But what, in fact, is that truth? What do we see when we try to quantify a person? In the world of sports, we have pages of essay on technology century, statistics for each player; in was the 1812 medicine, a three-page report each time we get blood work done; in psychometric evaluations, a battery of tests and percentiles. At work, however, at least when it comes to quantifying performance, we try to express the infinite variety and nuance of a human being in a single number. Surely, however, a better understanding comes from conversations—with your team leader about how you’re doing, or between leaders as they consider your compensation or your career. And these conversations are best served not by a single data point but by many. If we want to do our best to tell you where you stand, we must capture as much of your diversity as we can and then talk about it. We haven’t resolved this issue yet, but here’s what we’re asking ourselves and testing: What’s the on frida kahlo art most detailed view of you that we can gather and share?

How does that data support a conversation about your performance? How can we equip our leaders to have insightful conversations? Our question now is not What is the war of 1812 justified simplest view of you? but What is the essay on frida kahlo richest? Our question now is not What is the simplest view of you? but What is the richest? Over the past few years the debate about performance management has been characterized as a debate about ratings—whether or not they are fair, and whether or not they achieve their stated objectives. But perhaps the war of 1812 justified issue is different: not so much that ratings fail to convey what the organization knows about each person but that as presented, that knowledge is sadly one-dimensional. Land Maine? In the end, it’s not the particular number we assign to a person that’s the problem; rather, it’s the fact that there is a single number. Ratings are a distillation of the truth—and up until now, one might argue, a necessary one. Yet we want our organizations to war of 1812 essay know us, and short essay about new york we want to know ourselves at work, and that can’t be compressed into war of 1812, a single number. Essay In 21st? We now have the was the technology to go from a small data version of our people to a big data version of them.

As we scale up our new approach across Deloitte, that’s the problem we want to london solve next. Marcus Buckingham provides performance management tools and was the war of 1812 justified training to essay on frida organizations. He is the author of several best-selling books and the forthcoming StandOut 2.0: Assess Your Strengths, Find Your Edge, Win at essay, Work (Harvard Business Review Press). Ashley Goodall is the director of leader development at olympics, Deloitte Services LP, based in New York.

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Abortion and was the essay Religions Essay Sample. The dictionary definition of abortion is; the premature termination of a pregnancy that may be induced or spontaneous. An induced abortion is a surgical, pharmaceutical or another medical way of ending a pregnancy . A spontaneous abortion is a natural loss of a fetus, usually before 20 weeks, this is called a miscarriage. In 1967 the Abortion Act was put into place,this did not legalise abortions but rather provided a legal defence for those carrying them out. It also meant that abortions could be carried out under certain conditions. One condition is that the continuance of the pregnancy would cause more physical or mental problems to the mother than a termination. Also the women#8217;s foreseeable future environment like her home may be take into account. Abortion is allowed up to twenty-four weeks and is also allowed if there is a risk that when the child is about new york, born, it would suffer from physical or mental abnormalities or be seriously handicapped.

It must be permitted by two doctors unless it is an emergency abortion where it can be decided and carried out by war of essay, just one. Abortions must also be carried out in a government approved hospital or clinic. Abortion and Religions. Although abortion is legal it is not accepted among many people Abortion may be seen as murder depending on when people think that life begins. Essay Century! The Roman catholic church believe that a child is formed at the moment of conception therefore abortion is wrong as it is killing a child, that is murder and murder is wrong.

And so if murder is illegal, why isn#8217;t abortion? However they accept that a pregnancy may end as a result of an was the war of justified ectopic pregnancy and therefore double effect, if the women has the essay about, child she and the child must die, so an abortion may be the only sane way of was the 1812 justified essay making sure no deaths occur a Roman Catholic has an abortion they are excommunicated from the church. In Genesis (Bible) it says that #8220;life is good#8221;, #8220;do not kill#8221; it talks about consequences, through Adam and Eve#8217;s eating of the apple, and therefore implying that nobody and poem compare and contrast essay nothing is perfect. This relates to abortion because if life is good who are you to war of abort a child#8217;s life and so that if they are born they will not have a good life? To kill is against the 10 commandments, therefore by having an abortion you are killing life or a future life and therefore it is wrong. Consequences of an abortion are rarely thought of due to on technology century the thinking of you are doing it for good however it may cause depression as what you have done dawns on you, example of justified essay this can be found with the charity #8220;SPUC#8221;, Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child,#8221;Not a day goes by when I don#8217;t think of my lost child. When I wake up in the morning I know I#8217;ve had an abortion. I would never wish this pain on anybody.#8221; Ruth (American SNM leaflet).The Roman catholic church also look at poem compare essay natural law (Bible). Was The 1812 Justified! An example of natural law is dissertation, that babies are gifts, so why not want a gift?

We need to pro-create to develop the world. Natural law gives you freedom, with freedom comes sexual control therefore if you don#8217;t want children do not have sex. War Of Justified Essay! Also what principles are most important? The principle of essay your giving life or the principle of killing it for your own selfish pleasures? Other churches that prohibit abortion are Jehovah#8217;s witnesses and was the war of the Evangelical Christian. Churches that do not prohibit abortion but also do not agree with it are Russian and Greek Orthodox Churches, Orthodox Judaism and short essay about Hinduism.

These churches believe abortion can only be justified to save the women#8217;s life. War Of Justified! Churches like the Church of England,and Islam think that abortion is sometimes a #8220;necessary evil#8221;, and essay in 21st century should not be used for trivial reasons. Buddhism, Sikhism and Quakers believe that there is no written law on abortion, they believe that abortion is a sin as they pregnancy increases but they do allow for abortion to be used to protect the health of the women and in other limited circumstances like rape. Humanists and the Methodist Church believe abortion is an individual decision. They teach that you should have compassion for women as well as reverence for life. They also say you should weigh up the pros and cons of war of 1812 justified essay abortion before making any decisions. The Sanctity of Life.

The sanctity of life is dissertation london, a religious phrase that refers to the idea that life is war of 1812, sacred. About Your Self! It debates the moral ideas of 1812 justified abortion, and what makes a person how old do you have to be to be classed as a person? Christian believe that all life is a gift from God and compare and contrast human life is special and 1812 justified essay sacred. Men and women are created in about new york the image of God and was the war of 1812 therefore superior and different to all other forms of life. Since we are given domain over all other living things we can shape events like nothing else can. Since we were all made in God#8217;s image , we are all to essay century be nurtured, supported and was the essay protected. If a human decides to abort a life, they are rejecting God, and this person who is being killed does not get to be nurtured, supported and protected, therefore as well as rejecting God you are denying his will. Essay On Technology In 21st Century! (The Bible, Psalm 139 verse 13) says #8220;You created my inmost being, you knit me together in was the war of my mother#8217;s womb#8221;. Christians believe that God alone should determine a person#8217;s moment of essay on frida kahlo art conception as well as their moment of death., not us. Methods of Induced Abortion.

Suction abortion is when the fetus is dismembered by a vacuum machine . This is the most common early abortion technique, it accounts for was the 1812 justified essay, around 90% of on technology in 21st abortions in England and Wales for up to twelve weeks of pregnancy. This technique is promoted as the #8220;safe and early#8221; abortion, however the vast majority are performed on young, healthy women with no medical reason for abortion. Dilation and curettage is when the essay, fetus/baby is dismembered with a loop bladed knife called a curette. This procedure is not that popular because it can leave bits of the body in the uterus and so a nurse has to check the dismembered body parts to london olympics see if they are all out. Also it can cause haemorrhage#8217;s and sepsis. A third method of induced abortion is salt poisoning.

This is when a concentrated salt solution is injected into the amniotic fluid, killing the was the war of 1812, baby by acute salt poisoning. It takes over an hour to kill the baby and the women has to give birth to the dead child 24 hours later. Essay About New York! Also children have been known to survive from this treatment. There are also pharmaceutical ways of abortion for example the morning after pill. Many people do not see this as an abortion because it is a pill you take for up to 3 days after having unprotected sex. Development of a fetus in relation to abortion. You can have an abortion up to twenty-four weeks into a pregnancy.

Here is how the baby develops over those weeks to help decide whether this amount of time is just. On the 21st day of conception the war of, unborn babies heart begins to beat. Days twenty-eight to thirty-two the body takes shape with tiny arms forming, features of the mouth and nose take place and blood flows through the babies veins. On day thirty-six the eye color develops. On day forty the baby can make their first reflex movements.

On day forty-four tiny buds of milk teeth appear. On day fifty-two spontaneous movement begins. The baby can now yawn, stretch and suck. At eight weeks old the baby is the size of about describing a thumb. And well proportioned. At nine weeks genitalia become visible. At 10 weeks fingerprints form. Every person has different fingerprints, this means that these fingerprints are unique and if printed could define the was the 1812 justified essay, fetus, does this make the fetus human or not if only that fetus will have them fingerprints in the whole of the time and universe? At eleven weeks the baby practices breath and can urinate. At this point they can smile.

Between twelve and fifteen weeks the essay self, baby begins to swallow, has skin stimulation, makes distinct facial expressions, and nerve cells begin and continue for was the war of justified essay, a month. At four months old the essay on frida, fetus or baby can suck their thumb, and develop sleeping habits. At four and a half months they can feel pain. Was The War Of 1812 Justified Essay! At five months you can feel the essay contest maine, baby move. At six months you can still abort the baby. War Of 1812 Justified Essay! The bay will be staring to short about hear at this age The child sleeps and wakes, nestling in her favorite positions to sleep, and stretches upon war of 1812 essay waking up.

This is the latest legal abortions can take place. Depending on the circumstance the baby can be aborted later than the 24 weeks, however these causes are very rare. Many people think that the abortion cut of date is too late, and should be cut down. Some people think this because babies have been born at twenty weeks old and essay contest survived and therefore at 24 weeks a baby could survive if born so why should we abort it when it could be born and given up for was the war of justified, adoption instead of terminating its life or future life. Facts and Figures. One in essay on technology three pregnancies will end in induced abortion. Women aged 20 to justified 34 are most likely to have an abortion. 60% of abortions are carried out between 4 to essay about your 9 weeks. Was The War Of Justified! 63% of abortions are carried out by single women. 95% of legal abortions are carried out due to the pregnancy involving greater risk than if terminated.

Over six million children have been aborted. Is this the short essay about new york, perfect essay for you? Save time and war of 1812 order Abortion and Religions. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Abortion and Religions.

Abortion can be defined as the “premature expulsion of the foetus from the essay new york, womb” before pregnancy reaches forty weeks (full term). A miscarriage or spontaneous abortion happens naturally; up to#8230; Abortion Is Not an Option. Should a helpless child die because their parent doesn’t want them? In many cases, a woman will abort because she is not ready, she doesn’t want the child for various#8230; Pro-Choice of Abortion. I.“The term #8220;abortion#8221; actually refers to any premature expulsion of a human fetus, whether naturally spontaneous, as in was the essay a miscarriage, or artificially induced, as in a surgical or chemical abortion#8230;. ?Abortion Should Not Be an Option. Describing Your Self! Are women being fully informed of the possible consequences of abortion? A child does not deserve to was the war of 1812 justified die because his or her mother or father were irresponsible. Abortion should not#8230; Pro-life and they believe that abortion is murdering an dissertation london unborn child.

Abortion is an issue that impacts human society and 1812 justified the world, because of the debate about moral, religious, health#8230; Adoption vs Abortion. Eighty three percent of all pregnancies are #8220;unexpected.#8221; By that I mean the parents were not trying to get pregnant. Essay About New York! When experiencing an unexpected pregnancy there are three basic options;#8230;

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Engagement and Learning What Is_? Programme. In a dark room, on a large screen, three Indonesian kids in war of essay, matching purple Adidas tracksuits, wrap-around sunglasses and sun-visors are singing a karaoke version of a song by the 1980s pop group The Smiths. It is equally serious and essay self joyous. The piece is 1812 essay, part of Phil Collins's work The World Won't Listen. It is a great work of contemporary art and Phil Collins is an important artist because his work is richly suggestive of a number of significant questions about national identity, popular culture in a global context, and the role of the dissertation london olympics, mass media in representing these. Another dark room, another projected scene: an evening view of an war of justified obscure rural location. In the near-distance we see an odd elongated piece of short architecture: a fragile but imposing shelter, an elaborate cylindrical tent that seems simultaneously out of place and yet somehow at home in this natural landscape.

The images are from French artist Philippe Parreno's curious film The Boy from was the essay, Mars, and they arise out of his involvement with an environmental art project in about, rural Thailand. Yet, watching these images it is never quite clear what, or where, it is that we are observing. Collins and Parreno make use of recognisable conventions of visual art from our own and earlier eras ('portraiture' in the former; 'landscape' in the latter). Yet, both seem as interested in an unfolding, many-staged creative process as they are with any finished product or with the was the war of justified, possibilities of an accepted art discipline. Contest. As such, they practice types of art, that, as the influential curator Nicolas Bourriaud has argued, remain around the edge of any definition – drawing on much from what would customarily be considered beyond the 'frame' of war of 1812 art, urging us to consider the dissertation olympics, place of art in the contemporary world, while offering up images and experiences characterised by uncertainty or disconcerting intensity. 1.

The two examples above were both made in the last ten years. But are they also modern? They were made recently, but being 'modern' means more than merely being up-to-date: it needs to look modern too. For example there's a Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum, who has spent the last 30 years trying to paint like Rembrandt. War Of Essay. He makes work that is recent but it would not be referred to as modern because it doesn't look like what we expect Modern Art to look like. Instead, it is deliberately old fashioned. So when art historians use the words 'Modern' and 'Modernism' they understand them as meaning something quite specific. (i) When was Modernism?

In the sense of 'modern' meaning up to date, all art was modern once. Land Contest Maine. The innovative artists of the past have always tried new technologies, new media and war of justified new styles. Dissertation London. Crucially, these new technologies and new mediums allowed for was the war of justified essay the possibility of new artistic forms. For example, when Giotto was painting the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, 1305, his use of fresco (watercolor on wet plaster) as a medium was innovative and poem compare essay modern, and was the justified essay it allowed him to achieve the new york, integrated aesthetic scheme of the painting cycle. Over 500 years later Impressionists like Monet were not only responding to war of essay the challenge of essay your self photography and its ability to capture an impression of the world, but also using portable easels and the newly invented, industrially processed, readymade tubes of paint to war of make pictures outside of the studio in the open air. But, if art has always been modern; does it ever reach a sell-by date? Can it be that what was once modern can cease to be modern?

Other art historical periods do not have the same associated problems. Essay About Describing Your. So, whilst there may be some disagreement as to the specific dates of the Renaissance, Roccoco, Baroque or Neo-Classicism, it can be agreed that they were periods that had beginnings, middles and ends. Perhaps then, one way to think about modern is war of 1812 justified essay, as a period of art time with a clear beginning, middle and end. Thought about in these terms modern might mean the period of 100 years that began with Manet's painting Djeuner sur l'Herbe, 1863, which was seen as shocking and 1812 justified essay rejected from the prestigious Salon of fine art, not only because it was 'badly' painted with rough brushstrokes and inaccurate perspective, but also because it showed a contemporary scene of public nudity. This period is often regarded as ending with Pop Art in on frida, the mid 1960s, when art became increasingly difficult to distinguish from everyday consumer objects and the output of the mass media. What this would mean is essay, that art made after this period would be after, or post, modernism. This is and contrast essay, why you will often hear the art of the war of justified, last quarter of the twentieth century referred to essay on frida as 'postmodern'.

However, such neat slicing up of the history of was the war of 1812 essay art is in 21st, problematic. 1812 Justified. The question posed by compare and contrast, the cultural critic Raymond Williams When Was Modernism? is a tricky one. On the one hand, art seems to lag behind modernism in was the war of 1812 justified, other fields. For example modern history is generally seen to have begun around 1500; philosophy with Descartes (who published his Meditations in 1641) or Kant (who published his three Critiques between 1781 and 1790) and the technological boom of the Industrial Revolution in the nineteenth century is also seen as an origin of modernity. On the other hand, art historians squabble as to where Modernism began; perhaps with the Renaissance when artists began to be recognised as 'geniuses' with their own distinct styles, or perhaps with the Salon des Refuss in Paris in 1863 and the exhibition of and contrast art refused by the academic institutions. As Charles Harrison observed: In writing about art, the term Modernism has only been regularly used with a capital M since the 1960s . Before the '60s the term 'Modernism' was generally used in a vague way, to refer to what it was that made works of was the war of 1812 essay art seem 'contemporary' whatever that meant. 2. (ii) How is Modernism? Another way of thinking about land, what modern means in art is to justified think of it as an attitude to making. This uncouples 'Modern' from maine, a specific time and place – meaning that art is not necessarily modern merely because it is new.

It would also mean that examples from history could be identified as modern in war of justified, their outlook, such as El Greco, the seventeenth century painter whom Picasso claimed was the originator of Cubism. Furthermore, identifying modern as an attitude means that it can be seen as an incomplete project that can be constantly re-engaged with. This is probably what Jackson Pollock had in mind when he made this claim for his own modernist art: My opinion is that new art needs new techniques. On Technology In 21st Century. And the was the war of justified essay, modern artists have found new means of making their statements.

It seems to me that the modern painter cannot express this age of the aeroplane, the atom bomb, the essay self, radio, in the old forms of the Renaissance or of was the any other past culture. Each age finds its own technique. 3. Just as the times change, so too must art. And just as we live in new times, we need a new, modern art to express the age of text messaging, the Internet and global capitalism. The art critic Clement Greenberg offered a slightly different definition of modernism. He claimed that modernist art was art that was about essay new york, art . What this means is 1812 essay, that modernist art takes art itself as its primary subject matter rather than traditional subjects such as landscapes, portraits or historical and religious themes. This does not mean that modernist art cannot include traditional subjects, but rather that this is not what the art is about. Look, for example, at the William Scott painting Jug.

The subject matter is a jug and a bowl. Such still life has been a subject matter for art for hundreds of essay on technology century years but Scott has treated the was the 1812, material in a thoroughly modern way. (iii) Defining Modernism. The definition of modernist art that emerges is thus: that it provides a meaningful expression of, and on technology century gives artistic and aesthetic form to three things: (i) the was the 1812 essay, specific time and place where it was made, (ii) the medium that it is made of, and (iii) how it was made. We can now ask if this definition can be usefully applied to much of contemporary art. 3 - When, What and How is contemporary art? (i) Contemporary – Whatever That Means. The tricky task of essay self identifying a working definition of 'modern' is accompanied by the equally testing challenge of defining the word 'contemporary'. Indeed, 'recent' might be one easy definition for 'contemporary', allowing us to think of contemporary art as that made within recent memory.

Another closely related and very straightforward meaning of 'contemporary', and one that is entirely true to the linguistic sources of the was the war of 1812 justified essay, word, is 'with the times' (from the on frida, Latin 'con', meaning 'with', plus 'temp' meaning 'time'). As such, to be contemporary is to be alert to war of 1812 justified essay the conditions of a particular moment in time, to be moving with the tides of living history. And this sense of the word is widely used in understandings of 'contemporary' art. Back in essay on frida kahlo art, the 1980s, for instance, curators at the Tate Gallery in London decided that the art of the past ten years, on a rolling basis, would provide a suitable set of parameters as they made plans to develop a new 'Museum of was the war of 1812 Contemporary Art'. 4 'Contemporary' art in this regard, comes pretty close to dissertation london olympics 'modern' art – particularly, perhaps, to Jackson Pollock's claim that the art of each age should find its own technique.

But Pollock's comment also returns us to how 'modern' can be understood as identifying an attitude towards making art, an attitude perhaps resulting in a certain type of art. Was The 1812 Essay. Certainly, a loose sense of what 'contemporary art' is like is essay in 21st, often evident in the mainstream media. Coverage of exhibitions such as the annual Turner Prize show, for instance, will often be based on hostile presumptions about the prevailing tendencies in art today, with artists regularly being characterised as pranksters or self-promoting provocateurs rather than masters of a recognisable medium. However accurate such pictures are, it is of course essential to remember the vital role played not just by the media but also by the art market in manufacturing particular versions of a contemporary art 'world' (as has always been the case throughout the history of was the 1812 justified art), with certain forms of art reaching prominence as a result of their marketability. But cast an land essay contest maine eye over art magazines such as Artforum and Frieze – expensive colour publications packed with ads promoting the interests of the commercial art scene – and the difficulty of finding stable commonalities across what is celebrated is was the 1812, quite apparent. Such magazines will often introduce us to much that is overtly 'edgy': radical performance art that claims to question moral norms, for instance; or varieties of dissertation activist art that propose creative models of political resistance; or versions of installation and conceptual art that confuse us as to what, and often where, the 'art' actually is. All seem to sit comfortably side-by-side in such publications. 1812. Considering such types of widely prevalent art-making, it might seem that the only shared feature is an interest in subverting expectations about what art can and should be. Such tendencies would, of course, be true to a legacy of avant-gardism in essay, the arts, and in our effort to capture something of what is war of 1812 justified essay, 'contemporary' in art we could choose to prioritise the essay about describing your, continuation of a kind of rule-breaking spirit. Yet, many celebrated contemporary art practices frustrate this view. For a great deal of today's critically acclaimed art is not quite so obviously confrontational or so antagonistic towards older methods or values.

If, for example, a great deal of was the war of 1812 justified recent art shows hostility towards principles of aesthetic refinement in art, there remains a significant strain of art, highly regarded by 'contemporary' critics, curators and collectors, that is concerned with retrieving, or positively re-imagining, seemingly outdated notions such as craft and beauty. The paintings of William McKeown for instance, make a sophisticated and dissertation unorthodox case for beauty in 1812 justified essay, art today, hinting to us that this idea is essential as a way of and contrast essay freeing, and at the same time grounding, our imaginations. Similarly for Isabel Nolan, 'beauty' is to be found in the vulnerabilities of justified essay both commonplace and more complex ways of dissertation representing or understanding the world around us: her formally diverse work inventively employs traditional craft techniques in capturing moments from everyday life and ideas from advanced science. Much that is well-respected within contemporary art today, therefore, does not correspond to the prejudices of conservative critics. Crucially, combinations of notionally 'opposed' approaches to art can often be found alongside each other in a single exhibition, or even within a single artist's oeuvre or single work. Indeed, commentators on contemporary art have often stressed the diversity of possibilities in art today – and was the essay definitions and descriptions of contemporary art will often stress the unregulated openness of this 'industry', acknowledging its resistance to essay definition and description. As Linda Weintraub has written, contemporary art embraces the maverick and the traditionalist … no topic, no medium, no process, no intention, no professional protocols, and no aesthetic principles are exempt from the field of art. 5. Such indications of contemporary art's multiple methodologies are certainly at odds with any belief in the ongoing refinement of form – a principle once central to 'artistic progress'.

For the philosopher and critic Arthur Danto, the innovations of was the war of justified essay art after the 'modernist' era have therefore brought about, in effect, an on frida art 'end' of art. This does not mean, he argues, an end of people making art, but rather an end of a particular way of understanding art that focused on the constraints of certain disciplines and mediums. Since pop art, Danto suggests, There is no special way works of art have to be. 6 It is this plurality of possibilities which most obviously gives us clues as to what contemporary art 'is' today. Yet how we choose to position ourselves in war of 1812 justified essay, relation to short about this plurality remains one of the most testing questions for those of us hoping to engage with this era's most challenging 'contemporary' art. (ii) Themes in Contemporary Art. Despite the exciting plurality of art today, recognisable constellations have emerged around which art practices and debates have become clustered.

Participatory art takes the form of artists working with disparate groups of people from different communities. This is not only a way of was the 1812 justified essay generating works of art, but is essay about your self, also part of the work itself. Here are three examples: Untitled 1992 (Free), a working kitchen in was the justified essay, a New York gallery set up by artist Rirkrit Tiravanija; Tenantspin, 1999, a TV channel for the elderly residents of a Liverpool housing estate set up by dissertation london olympics, art collective Superflex; and was the 1812 justified Pimp my Irish Banger, 2009, a collaborative art project in which artist Terry Blake worked with young people from Dublin to paint car doors and bonnets that were later displayed in an outdoor space at the National College of about describing self Art and Design, Dublin. The art historian Claire Bishop has identified this trend within contemporary art as a 'Social Turn', arguing that while the models of participatory art vary enormously all are linked by a belief in the empowering creativity of collective action and shared ideas. 7 These are forms of art that ask questions about who is involved in the making and 1812 essay experience of art. Today's art often occurs in particular places and is specific to those places. Kahlo. For example Canadian artist Janet Cardiff's The Missing Voice (case study b), 1999-2000, is a narrative walking tour of East London starting at the Whitechapel Library. Participants are given a portable audio player that guides them on a 45 minute tour of the area through local areas like Spitalfields and Brick Lane that are infused with histories of crime, immigration, deprivation and intrigue. In The Birdcages of Dublin, 1999, Danny McCarthy placed five birdcages on the front walls of The Fire Station Artists Studios in Buckingham Street, Dublin.

Each cage contained a hidden speaker that played sounds McCarthy had made from field recordings taken from sites around Dublin alongside recordings of bird song. Both pieces put the participants in was the war of justified, an active role of interrogating their environments. This art asks questions about where the making and experience of art takes place. Many contemporary artists are interested in the moving image. Short Essay. This can involve using movies for subject matter, but it also means investigating how film and video can alter how we think about art and life. Cinema is a culturally potent medium with particular characteristics as a spectacular experience, as a mode of 1812 justified essay display, and as a way of representing the world. For example in 24 Hour Psycho, 1993, Douglas Gordon slows down and essay projects Hitchcock's famously suspenseful chiller so that it takes 24 hours to run. It is was the 1812, impossible to dissertation enjoy the work as we would normally; we enter into was the justified essay, a different relationship with the familiar work. Our ideas of the passing of time, narrative, memory, and even our boredom threshold are challenged by Gordon's re-presentation of the film. Comparatively, a work such as Twelve Angry Films by essay about new york, Jesse Jones, 2006, brings out an aspect of was the war of 1812 justified essay 'participation' in film culture, but through a process of collaborative production (working with community groups) and by creating a dedicated public space for essay on frida kahlo art screenings in the form of a drive-in cinema. This art asks questions about how the world is presented to us through different media, under what conditions and essay with what consequences?

Artists today continue to question what they are making art from and poem essay come back to was the war of essay querying what art's forms mean. In Box (ahhareturnabout), 1977, James Coleman presented a 16mm film on a continuous loop with an accompanying soundtrack. On Technology Century. The film shows disjointed fragments of a bout between two heavyweight boxers with a soundtrack that combines the imagined thoughts of one competitor with a low, thumping pulse like a heartbeat. It is a disorientating, profoundly physical experience. The grainy and obscure flicker of the film, when coupled with the jarring jump cuts, becomes part of the meaning of the work. It suggests how art always struggles with the translation of was the justified human experience into artistic media. Whilst Coleman addresses media that are becoming obsolete in today's increasingly digital world (film reels, slide projectors), many artists have also returned to one of the oldest artistic mediums – painting – to continue to ask questions about and contrast, it. Elizabeth Peyton, for was the 1812 essay example, uses images snatched from the mass media (press photographs, television, etc.). In 21st Century. The images are used in was the war of justified, such a way that you would never mistake the pictures for essay contest maine photographs; instead they encourage you to think about what it means to put wet paint on essay, a surface and move it around. This art asks questions about what is employed in the making and experience of art.

The above examples offer just a glimpse of the rich variety of art being made today. It can take many forms, address many audiences and raise many questions. It can often be baffling, infuriating and inscrutable. There is more art now than there has ever been, and in a greater variety. Essay Art. As has always been the case throughout history, a lot of was the 1812 essay it might not be to our taste. Short About. But the was the 1812 justified essay, best art, be it from the distant past, the modern age or our contemporary times, opens up new worlds for us; new worlds of essay art thought, of expression and feeling, new worlds of poetic and was the war of 1812 justified essay political possibility.

Art in the contemporary world is art of this world: it can be by turns richly distracting and frustrating, thrilling and testing; it is full of communicative difficulties and new possibilities; it brings the challenging effects of today's reality home to us in all their vivid strangeness. It tells us how soon now really is. © Francis Halsall Declan Long, 2011. Nicolas Bourriaud, Relational Aesthetics, Dijon: Les Presses du Rel, p. 25. Charles Harrison, Introduction: Modernism, Problems and Methods, The Open University Press, 1983, p. Century. 15.

Jackson Pollock in was the war of 1812 justified, an interview with William Wright, (1950), in Johnson, Ellen H. (ed.), American Artists on Art from 1940 to 1980, Harper Row, 1982. See Tate Glossary, Linda Weintraub, Making Contemporary Art: How Today's Artists Think and Work, Thames Hudson, 2003, p. Essay Your. 8. Arthur C. Danto, After the End of Art: Contemporary Art and the Pale of was the war of 1812 essay History, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1998, p. 47. Land Maine. Claire Bishop, 'The Social Turn', in Francis Halsall et al., Rediscovering Aesthetics, Stanford University Press, 2009, p. 239. Irish Museum of Modern Art, Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin 8, D08 FW31, Ireland.

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Free Essays on Sample Essay About Myself. ana m4 fahma eh dh assn. :P bs hwa 3mal y2ole too short , fa hfdl aktb l7d ma y2ole kda tmam. ana 3ayza akml 2rayet el essay ele ana ft7to m4 aktr . we hwa 3mal ybw5 , a3ml eh tyb . aktb ad eh ya bay5 enta . wah . deh m4 tre2a t3amlo beha el dyof bto3ko 5als . ento btkrhona fe. How to Write an Argumentative Essay. ?Writing Your Argument Essay Now that you are familiar with techniques for analyzing an war of 1812 essay, argument, it is time to discuss techniques that will help you write effective critique. Again, you will have 30minutes to dissertation complete this portion of the was the 1812 test and, luckily, there are only essay in 21st 5 steps you need to take. As. Parts of an essay, Essay 1. Introduction—introduces the main idea (called the thesis statement) of the essay ; may include background information related to the topic; aside from background information, the introduction may also make use of about such tools as definition of was the justified terms, anecdotes, surprising statements.

if you can make a new title by skimming through the essay and finding an interesting sentence. The title appealing because it is simple about myself . The new title could be “Jessica's Life” or “How Jessica Is”, the sentence would just simply be about me. 2) How effective is the first paragraph at. students and some parents feel that this would be a violation of short about new york students rights as Americans, which is true. [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays ] 782 words (2.2 pages) $24.95 [preview] Random Drug Testing: Waste of Time - Random Drug Testing: Waste of Time Her grades fell. She was always. an essay either agreeing or disagreeing with Roland Barthes’ argument in essay his essay ‘The death of the Author’. About Your. Support your answer with reference to was the any poem not on the Leaving Cert or First Year English course. In this essay I am going to give my opinions on the topic in essay maine Roland Barthes’ essay “The. ? The purpose of this essay is to reflect on the three day trip to Taramacouta camp and to identify a personal capability I have discovered in myself during the was the war of SOS course , to describe my vision of the meaning of success , at your the college level.

What are my biggest strength and weakness. A Strange Border – Essay on Music Sound. border from sound design into scoring, I’m thinking in particular of moments in the films Love Is the Devil and Chatroom. I used to have a rule for myself that I restricted what I did to utilising un-pitched sounds – pitch and rhythm being the war of 1812 essay province of the essay in 21st century composer. However, I have recently crossed. come along many essays , and I’ve consistently found myself writing exploratory writings. Exploratory writing is much easier because it takes a shorter amount of time to complete and also relating myself to a certain reading is war of 1812 essay something I do not have to look up. The good things about relating yourself. Event essay Since I started school at this high school I have been bicycling to essay century my bus stop in the morning and home afterschool.

I have been doing this for a couple weeks and was the, have slowly been venturing to new lands. I have gone to my favorite 7-eleven to get a purple flavored Slurpee (his words not. Essay #1 Throughout most of my adult life I had always been intrigued and interested in essay Real Estate. I found myself at work playing on the internet on was the essay, sites like looking searching for homes for no reason at dissertation olympics all. My family had always encouraged me to was the war of 1812 essay get my Real Estate license and become. Running head: Narrative Essay on My Life Narrative Essay My Life Comm 105 Dianne Thibodeau Lorie Ray-Fisher Due August 13, 2009 My Life 2 I, like many others have lived a pretty hard life.

Well for starters, mother use to hit me and my younger sister, almost on a daily basis. Assignment 4: Personal Essay Sierra Fergerson COLL100 Sharie Adamson December 21, 2013 Well I have two motivations. One is my family. I want to show that it's never too late to get an education and in the end it's worth it. Two is my own pride. Once I'm finished and I have that degree I will know. ? Personal Responsibility essay Murray Erickson GEN/200 September 30, 2013 Rory Morris Personal Responsibility essay Introduction Success in college demands a certain level of skills and ability. Essay. Students come from a wide range. 1. How To Break Up With Someone - Free Essays How To Break Up With Someone Almost everyone will have to was the break up with a boyfriend or a girlfriend at on frida art some point in was the war of 1812 essay his or her life. Breaking up is honestly a . | | | | Surf Canyon recommends these. life and be able to spend my days doing what makes me happy for as long as I can.

Recently I have procrastinated on all but three things: this essay , research for the current show i'm directing, tick, tick. BOOM! and breathing. This is my biggest problem. I've realized only recently that I procrastinate. in some of the london olympics schools. I believe if we let people learn what they want, when they want and was the war of 1812, how they want, they will learn more. In this essay Malcolm X describes how he educated himself while he was in prison and how it changed his whole life. On Frida. His interest in learning how to read and write.

Sample Essay: Paralysis in Dubliners. Sample Essay for English 4950 Keycode: 2390 1 Paralysis in Dubliners A heavy theme found throughout the entirety of Dubliners is the feeling of paralysis that is felt by the characters in the stories. Reading the stories and analyzing them individually hints at the idea of paralysis but it is also. different stories of was the war of 1812 justified experiences that have happened in his life. On Technology Century. I have never really been able to war of make a connection with an author before, until I read an art, essay from this book called “The Women’s Open.” Sedaris’ way of writing is very unique. He begins most of these stories with a short passage that ends. school english was not sufficient enough. We did write short stories and essays but not at this level. I look back now and realized the was the 1812 teacher just held our hands and on technology in 21st century, walked us through it. Was The War Of Essay. My first essay was a subject I knew a lot about , me. I had no problems with knowing what to dissertation london say or how to describe.

Amadeus From watching the war of play Amadeus, written by Peter Shaffer, I have taken a new experience and have learned a bit more about acting in short essay new york ensemble pieces. In this essay I will be conveying my thoughts on what the actor was doing, why they were doing it, and some of what I have learned from how they. ? SAMPLE ESSAY (MLA Style) cover page (may not be required by some instructors) What Limits to Freedom? Freedom of Expression and the Brooklyn Museum’s “Sensation” Exhibit by Melissa Davis all text centered Prof. K.D. Smith Humanities 205 16 May 2009 85 03f-BGtW-AmEd 85-106. After reading Kurt Vonnegut’s essay , “How to war of 1812 essay Write with Style,” I believed Vonnegut was trying to give readers a specific guideline on how to achieve an influential voice or writing style by essay your self, being who you are. Vonnegut talks about making sure you are genuine when writing and was the 1812 justified essay, focuses on keeping things.

1. Essay Describing Your. Essay of approximately 500 words that highlights your accomplishments and intellectual interest. Describe any extracurricular or volunteer activities, especially those related to your academic pursuits. Was The War Of 1812 Justified. Science has always been a passion of mine, and medicine in particular has become increasingly. Changed Your Life Narrative Essay. Topic [5] Narrative Essay Sample I consider myself a good beautician. I have a loyal following and make a good living. Most of the time, my days are fairly routine in the shop.

However, I, like every beautician have the inner fear of ruining someone's hair. This feeling became a reality when my patron's. author fulfilled their purpose.? What sort of an Analysis Essay are you being asked to write? Share in land contest the comments about your essay assignment. What are the Basic Features of an Analysis: Describes the organization of the was the war of essay essay Tells the claim and dissertation, subclaims Explains the support . My topic for this essay is with reference to a planet in the solar system. It is 11 times more than earth in terms of size with a diameter of 88,846 miles (142,984 kilometers) and about one-tenth that of the war of justified essay sun. Only 1000 earths can fill up the olympics volume of this giant planet. It is also regarded as the.

? Sample 1: Prompt: Your academic interests, personal perspectives and life experiences will add much to Gallaudet’s diverse community. Describe a personal experience that shows what you will bring to Gallaudet’s diverse community While attending Atlanta Area School for the Deaf, Ms. Bloodworth the Jacket Comparisoncontrast Essay. Comparison/Contrast Essay Gary Soto, a well-known author who has written popular stories like, 'The Jacket' and 'Bloodworth'. Why have people taken an interest in Soto's stories? Gary Soto has a pattern of giving his readers a message about life in his own style of writing. Though in was the war of 1812 justified essay his. Thoreau Experiment Essay Henry David Thoreau, a well known 19th century transcendentalist, wrote a literary work name Walden which explores his experiences outside of society and in the woods by essay on frida, a pond with no one else and war of 1812 essay, no materialistic objects for in 21st century about two years. War Of Justified. This ideal of human sacrifice.

English name and I'm Avoid contractions in formal academic writing. currently pursuing my degree in theUnited Kingdom. There are many words to describe myself and my personality. I am a committed, punctual, enthusiastic girl with a predetermined goal to land maine fulfil Spelling my objectives. I believe in war of 1812 justified hard work. aesthetic pilgrimage to the glorious palace of on technology in 21st century western literature when I started from justified essay, ABC on, then read simple passages, later moved onto london olympics the beautiful essays and poetry and at last plunged into war of justified, the classics by literary masters.

Literary works are the inspirations from writers’ hearts. William Shakespeare. ENG 121 Week 4 DQ 2 Revision Sample. ENG 121 Week 4 DQ 2 Revision Sample Purchase here sample Description Revision Sample . Your. Review Chapter 9 of was the 1812 Essentials of College Writing. On Frida Kahlo. Then, review the “Revision Checklist” (available in the online course), which.

?Outliers Essay Reading Malcom Gladwell's book Outliers was truly a great experience. There is so much to learn from this book and was the 1812, I personally believe that it holds the real secrets to success. It is essay about new york packed with simple facts and was the war of justified, supporting evidence that clearly explain exactly how to achieve mastery. PV2 Clark's Essay In the essay on frida United States Military, tardiness is unacceptable. I could write this essay and fill it with excuses as to why I was late, but the was the war of essay fact of the matter is that there is essay no excuse. The main reason for this essay is because I did not follow out was the war of 1812 justified, proper orders and was not at compare and contrast the.

ENG 121 Week 4 DQ 2 Revision Sample. ENG 121 Week 4 DQ 2 Revision Sample Copy Paste the 1812 link into your browser to get the tutorial: sample / Revision Sample . On Frida Kahlo Art. Review Chapter 9 of Essentials of College Writing. Then, review. Sample College Essay #1 I never imagined that by swimming, a Vision Center in India would be built. And I certainly never thought so many people could be cured of war of blindness there. For the olympics past twelve years of my life, my passion has been competitive swimming. Mile after mile I train almost every single. ?Matthew Johnson Elliot Shaw Comp 1 September 15, 2016 Narrative Essay In life there is more to achieve than receive. By this I mean, to go out and was the war of 1812 essay, help others will do far more for yourself than to actually have everything self-centered towards you. I can say this from personal experience: I was.

Ap Lit Essay 2010 Question 1 Overview. Overview This question asked students to read carefully a poem by Marilyn Nelson Waniek entitled “The Century Quilt” and to essay on frida art write an essay analyzing how Waniek employs literary techniques to develop the was the 1812 complex meanings attributed by the speaker to the quilt. The prompt mentioned structure, imagery. How to Write an Essay on Social Issue. 1. Poem Compare. A social essay will address social ideas, social theories, societal change, analysis and psychology.

These anthropological subjects need to was the justified essay be studied with insight and essay, patience. Social concepts are usually introduced through a curriculum in war of 1812 school or college. Students are asked to read a set work. MUET Writing 800/4 Question 2 sample answers for essay kahlo art 350 word academic essay Below are 4 samples of 1812 essay good essays . Band 4 or 5. Olympics. Band 6 essays will demonstrate a much better command of linguistic fluency and accuracy as well as show more mature and critical thinking skills. FYI: I'm sticking to was the war of my writing.

Nothing Succeeds Like Success Essay Wikipedia. Nothing Succeeds Like Success Essay Wikipedia Nothing succeeds like success essay wikipedia Berkeley. how can i complete my homework ptlls assignments level 4 essays , model essay youth crime. Nothing succeeds like success essay wikipedia Grand Rapids, State of essay Nevada, Hampton, Stamford, Cape Coral nothing. This essay is written from the point-of-view of an average 20-something-year-old American. When my professor assigned an essay on Judaism, my first thought was ‘no problem’. Was The War Of Justified. My second thought was wondering if what I already knew would be enough. Land Contest. After all, I have had some world history classes.

School Application Essays The Writing Center At Rensselaer 4508 Sage Lab 518/276-8983 Developed by: Maureen Murphy Patricia Nugent Jennifer Taylor Introduction Admission to graduate school is was the war of 1812 highly competitive. Dissertation Olympics. Writing an essay , or personal statement. comma, and was the war of essay, the stringent criteria that goes along with writing. I do enjoy writing as long as it is essay on frida art not academically structured. Was The 1812 Justified Essay. If I have to write about an event in my life or tell a story I get interested but once the guidelines change so does my attitude toward the assignment. Essay On Technology In 21st. As for my strengths. Skylar Glick Brenda Cotton Writing Across the Curriculum May 9, 2013 Exemplification Essay Throughout my childhood I had a coach, an justified, idol, and most importantly a father. Describing. He taught me everything that I know today. He showed me how to treat people and was the war of essay, how to have respect for everyone.

Statement of Purpose Samples for MBA Admission. Strategy More: Features Harvard Business School MBA Applications 5 Essays That Got People Into Harvard Business School — And Why They Worked Max Nisen and Aimee Groth Nov. 20, 2012, 3:30 PM 226,050 3 inShare Kreuzinger/Dimon- Do not use Jason Krezuinger Jason Kreuziger poses with. How to Tame a Wild Tongue Essay In paragraphs 27 through 34 of Gloria Anzaldua’s essay “How to Tame a Wild Tongue”; she subtly conveys her own disgust at the invariable destruction of her Chicano culture by using the rhetorical strategies of organized syntax, narrative flashbacks, and the incorporation. SAMPLE REFLECTION PAPER (submitted by essay in 21st century, a student in CRIM 1006E, Fall term 2003) Mark: 4/5 Please NOTE: This paper is presented as a model based on the way the author began the war of 1812 justified essay inquiry, (i.e. narrowing the reflection by posing a question and focusing on it). There are areas for improvement in. Writing Yr 12 Advanced Level Paragraphs in Area of Study Essays : a) Think. b) Read the relevant section(s) of the text really carefully. c) Think again. Ask yourself: What ideas/points about Journeys/Change/Belonging etc. show up here? How can I tell from and contrast, what has been written/presented. Personality Test Essay I gained a lot from taking this personality test, not that I learned something new or interesting about myself just that I was able to see how easy it is for others to pin-point me to justified essay a characteristic.

My results in essay your my opinion are a exact match. Was The War Of Justified Essay. The test really hit the. ?123 Commentary essay on why I write George Orwell in his essay “Why I write”, written in poem compare and contrast essay 1946 and published in London, addresses the reasons that made him become a writer and eventually sets four main general principles that are the was the war of justified main drive force for every piece of writing. “I write. How to Write an Essay ANALYSE THE ESSAY QUESTION 1 ) Identify Keywords: -Focus-Keywords: Set out the topic; tell you what to write about , always keep them at front of your mind. London Olympics. -Approach Keywords: Tell you what you are required to do with the topic, how to approach the topic, rather: how to. 1. Below is an essay on Explain Why Play Is Important to the Holistic Development of the Young Child. Explain How and Why Children’s Play Changes over 1812 justified the First Six Years of Life. Include Examples to Support Your Explanation. from Anti Essays , your source for research papers, essays , and term paper. If the term paper below is not exactly what you're looking for, you can search our essay database for other topics. On Technology. Sample Journal Entries and Grading The journal entries provide the opportunity for you to think about the material as you read it and apply it to your own personal life. For most answers.

?Nadia Testroet Eikum AP English December 13, 2014 About Myself In 1914, World War I began and was commonly referred to around the world as “The War To End All Wars” and “The Great War”. As volunteers for was the war of 1812 the war ran out, the government had to go into a draft. As names were getting pulled, the land soon. Having had much time to avoid writing this paper, I decided that I would write about my exploration of thought process and beliefs that have been barriers in war of justified essay writing this piece of work I left education after secondary school where I found studying quiet difficult, I made a decision recently to return. ?Educational Journey Essay Time has come tremendously faster than I expected have learned so much through 12 years of this educational experience. On Frida Art. This experience itself has helped me realize what carrier I should pressure which is essay becoming a professional Comedian. It’s going to take major planning.

been in london olympics controversy because, is difficult to categorize a race based on community. For these, I share the same opinion author Bahrani, imply in her essay “Why Does My Race Matter?” That race doesn't matter, and that government census should not force people into racial categories (167). Was The 1812 Justified. First, this practice. 12/20/12 462 words free sample essay on art, pollution About Site Content Quality Guidelines Terms of Service Privacy Policy Disclaimer Copyright Recent Articles 462 words free sample essay on pollution KAVITA Preserve Articles is home of thousands of articles published and was the, preserved by users.